The Contortion Home Page is pleased to make the rhythmic gymnastics training videos found in the CHP Shop available. Uli has recorded some of the most amazing video footage ever seen of rhythmic gymnasts warming up for competition. We are sure that you have never seen anything quite like this before! These international level competitors warm up by going through some of the most impressive stretches that you can imagine. They must be capable of more flexibility than you see in competition in order to make their routines appear effortless to the judges and audience. In these videos, you get the rare opportunity to observe what goes on "behind the scenes" at the highest levels of rhythmic gymnastics competition.

These videos will not only entertain the RSG and contortion enthusiast, but they will also provide insight and motivation to active gymnasts, coaches, and parents of elite rhythmic gymnasts. From these tapes, you can see what the world's best rhythmic gymnasts do as part of their training to become competitive at the Olympic level.

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The original tapes were made at European rhythmic gymnastics meets, and were recorded in the European video format (PAL). These tapes could not be played on American VCRs, because they use a different video format. So, one of the Contortion Home Page authors, Tige Young, has converted the tapes to the American format (NTSC), and is making copies of the tapes available for anyone who wants to buy them. Tige, and the Contortion Home Page, will not profit from the sale of these videos. Tige had the tapes converted to NTSC simply because he wants the tapes to help with his own flexibility training. All money collected from the sale of these tapes will go directly to Uli (minus the cost of tapes and shipping).

The CHP Shop is for NTSC format (USA/Canada/Japan) sales only!!! If you are interested in buying PAL (European) copies of these tapes, please order the tapes directly from Uli <>.

To purchase videos, please visit the CHP Shop

Important Notes About the Tapes:

  1. All tapes have been converted to the American format (NTSC). If you want videos in the European (PAL) format, please order the tapes directly from Uli <>.

  2. These tapes have been edited from VHS to VHS and have been through a format conversion.  Therefore, the video quality is not of professional quality.  They look like a copy of a copy of a home video, which is what they are.  It is the content that is outstanding.

  3. Tapes recorded in SLP will be worse quality than SP.

  4. DVD videos will be slightly better than tapes recorded in SP, but they are still not professional quality.  DVD videos are also in the American (NTSC) format, but they have no region code restrictions.


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